Mrs Jodie Fraser

Wellbeing Coordinator

What makes life good for students at Immanuel Primary School?

All of these things help our students to cultivate their talents,           build deep and lasting relationships, feel pleasure and contribute meaningfully to their environment.

  • Worship promotes a sense of community that brings about joy and happiness
  • The Year 6 Leaders Day
  • The Year 6 and Reception Buddies
  • Reception Social Skills Program - Stop Think Do
  • Recognition of cyber issues - Cyber Safety Day for Year 5’s
  • A wide variety of co-curricular opportunities from which children can choose
  • Recognition of student achievement in different areas
  • Student voice through Year 6 SRC and Year 6 Leaders
  • Spiritual development through worship, devotions and Christian Studies
  • Students are provided with opprotunities to be invilved in activities that can be continued for life
  • A focus on identification of children at risk
  • The Learning Support Program
  • Recption Reading Information Night helping parents to understand the learning process
  • Transition Programs into new classes at the beginning of the new year
  • Whole school approach to rules / Essential agreement:
  • •    Safety rule
    •    Fair play rule
    •    Learning rule
    •    Property rule
    •    Communication rule



  • The sense of community at IPS that has been developed helps parents to connect with each other
  • Pastoral care – someone who is always there to listen and help  
  • Close involvement between school counsellor, students and parents
  • The network of Class Carers
  • The action component of the Program of Inquiry in each year level encouraging students to act on their new understandings and learnings
  • An open door approach to communication and problem solving
  • All ensuring IPS is a safe, supportive and nurturing environment.