Volunteer Policy


Immanuel Primary School believes that voluntary workers can make a significant contribution to the school community by giving their time and sharing their God–given skills, talents and expertise with others. The interests and abilities of volunteers add significantly to the human resources available to a school, thus providing a wider range of interactions, opportunities and experiences for students. 
Underlying Principle:
The safety and well-being of each child must be the paramount consideration in every situation.
(See statement from Child Protection Policy).
At Immanuel volunteers work in a number of different areas including; coaches/managers of sporting teams, camp assistants, canteen supervisors and some excursions.
People who assist with classroom routines such as listening to reading or assisting with art lessons etc are considered to be helpers due to the direct supervision provided by paid staff and therefore do not come under the umbrella of this policy.
Some volunteers may from time to time be placed in unsupervised situations where they are working with students in accordance with church and school policy. These volunteers are required to complete a Volunteers Details Form, which is kept on file.
The Principal or nominee is responsible for the induction of volunteers.
Volunteers are actively encouraged to partake in school activities and will be invited to do so. Volunteers will be assessed for their suitability to work at the school by the Principal, Deputies and staff. This assessment will be made in relation to the skills and contributions being offered and after verification of the person’s good character.
Volunteers offering to assist in programs where students are involved may be asked to:
  1. Attend an interview
  2. Participate in induction training
  3. Complete a :Volunteers detail form; Application for National Police Certificate (PD 267) and; Volunteer agreement form
  4. Make themselves available to attend training based on the Lutheran Church of Australia’s Training Manual and presented by an LCA approved facilitator, to make them aware of the LCA’s Safe Place Policy (dealing with sexual abuse)
The Principal’s decision is final in determining who is eligible to work as a volunteer at the school. Any applicant not accepted for volunteer work will be advised verbally or in writing.
  1. Make informal contact with the school to ascertain school needs regarding volunteers or respond to a request from a staff member.
  2. Apply to the school by accessing the forms required from Front Office
  3. Upon successful processing of forms attend an interview
  4. Attend induction training that reflects the needs and responsibilities of each individual volunteer
Volunteers will be provided with full induction training that will include:
  • Mandatory reporting
  • OHS&W procedures
  • Duty of Care responsibilities to students
  • Confidentiality requirements
  • Training specific to area of volunteer work



A staff member will be allocated to supervise (directly or indirectly) a volunteer in each of the areas he/she works.
Accurate records will be kept of a volunteer’s training and work details Volunteers will be provided with a Volunteer sticker
Volunteers will be provided with full induction training that will include:
  • Mandatory reporting
  • OHS&W procedures
  • Duty of Care responsibilities to student
  • Confidentiality requirement
  • Training specific to area of volunteer work
The volunteer’s most important responsibility relates to his/her duty of care to children.
For volunteers, respecting the rights of children means they must not:
  • Have unsupervised contact with students during break times
  • Be involved in toileting students or assisting with change rooms/ sickrooms
  • Encourage affection from or dependency in students eg by giving gifts
  • Have intentional physical contact with students
  • Display bullying or intimidating behaviours towards students
  • Initiate out of hours contact
Volunteers must:
  • Become familiar with and support the school’s First Aid Safety management documents
  • Refer all student concerns or behaviour issues to the supervising teacher;
  • Wear the provided Volunteer sticker label at all times;
  • Notify the school as early as possible if they are unable to fulfil their volunteer commitment.
Volunteers are requested to take note of the following Attributes of the PYP Profile and Attitudes.
Care - show sensitivity towards the children and teachers
Knowledgeable - know what to do
Communicate– with teachers and students and other volunteers
Principled – be fair and honest and be aware of the need for confidentiality at all times
Commitment – to students and teachers at all times
Cooperation –with students, teachers and other volunteers at all times
Cancellation of agreement
When concerns arise about a volunteer, opportunities to remedy a problem or improve an area of concern will be offered where ever possible. A volunteer’s agreement can be cancelled at the Principal’s discretion and where the volunteer:
  • Has no more suitable work available
  • Fails to follow requirements outlined in the Volunteer Policy and elaborated via induction training and informal conversation with the supervising teacher;
  • Behaves towards students, parents or staff in a manner deemed inappropriate or improper; or
  • Continually fails to meet commitments without notice to the school.