Student Portfolio

The PYP Portfolio is a profile of student achievement and accomplishments. It is an important mechanism for documenting a students' educational progress through the curriculum.
The student and teachers collaborate on selections for the portfolio, which may contain;

  • assessment by the teacher
  • examples of the student's work
  • information about any extracurricular achievements or other activities undertaken by the student
  • self-assessment by the student

The portfolio also serves to assist in handling transfers of students between schools offering the Primary Years Programme
At IPS the portfolio is sent home regularly and also acts as an important part of the student led conferences which take place in Term 3.

It is intended that the contents of the Portfolio will assist parents and their children to reflect on efforts, experiences, progress and achievements in a meaningful and purposeful manner. It is anticipated that parents will use the information to encourage their children to set positive goals and work towards them throughout the year.

The value of the Portfolio is greatly enhanced when parents:

  • read it together with their child,
  • ask questions,
  • give feedback,
  • praise genuine effort and achievement,
  • assist in goal setting when improvement is needed,
  • read to their (junior primary) child any comments from the teacher,
  • write comments or questions as appropriate,
  • sign the sheet provided to show the teacher that they have seen it.


Sharing The Learning Journey

Parent participation in student learning through active communication and cooperation with teachers is encouraged. Teachers are available, by appointment, whenever parents wish to discuss their child’s learning needs. Parent/Teacher interviews provide another opportunity for parents to meet with class teachers and specialist teachers and are held during Term One and Term Three.

During the year parents will be formally invited into classes to view and discuss student learning with their children. This could take the form of Open mornings/afternoons or Student led Conferences.

End Of Year Summary Reports

On the final day of the school year students take their Portfolios home containing an End of Year Summary Report. This includes a Social Development and Work Habits report, a teacher summary comment and, (for students in Years 4 – 6) a record of co-curricular participation throughout the year.

The following table gives a guide to Reporting at Immanuel Primary School over the period of the school year.