Resource Centre - Learning Hub of the School

The Resource Centre plays a central role in the life of the whole school community, providing access to a variety of resources, services and facilities that support the PYP and school’s aims of a Christian education. It is the hub of learning resources within the school and provides a variety of resource materials to support and complement the school curriculum, catering for the needs and interests of students and teachers. All students are encouraged to fully utilize this facility for both study and recreation.
At Immanuel Primary School the Resource Centre aims to support the curricula of all subjects taught at the school from Reception to Year 6. We promote inquiry-based learning through the provision of materials reflecting a variety of cultures, languages and formats. The Resource Centre seeks to develop its international collection in other languages, including bilingual resources.
Students are taught to become lifelong learners by focusing on information literacy skills, inquiry and research processes. Students are encouraged to identify, locate, evaluate, organize and effectively create, use and communicate information to address issues or problems at hand. This is done through visits to the Resource Centre and ICT facilities, as well as in the classroom for all primary classes.
We seek to promote a lifelong love of reading, thus contributing to our student’s personal, social and educational growth beyond classroom walls. In addition we promote the professional development of staff through the provision of educational resources in the teacher library.
All classes have weekly borrowing times and targeted literacy lessons where information literacy skills are taught to support units of inquiry.