Outdoor Education


Students at Immanuel are offered rich learning experiences through the Outdoor Education program.
This program stimulates proactive engagement, confidence, teamwork and respect for others. By providing an environment for challenging but safe risk taking, students are enabled to discover hidden strengths and develop the leadership skills and capabilities to approach unfamiliar situations with courage and forethought. Rather than learning indirectly from books, children should also learn through direct experience.
Each of the Outdoor Education experiences form an integral part of that year levels curriculum.
  • Students in Year 4 undertake a 3 day / 2 night camp in Term 1 with a particular focus on developing independence, resilience and confidence.
  • Year 5 students participate in a 3 day / 2 night camp during Term 2 with a focus on Earth Education. Students experience the wonders of the natural world and undertake personal lifestyle changes to begin living more in harmony with the world.
  • Year 6 students undertake a 4 day / 3 night Civics and Citizenship tour to Canberra. Flying to Canberra the students then participate in a packed program of visiting attractions that assist in the teaching of Australian history, culture, democracy, civics and citizenship, science and art.