Additional Language—Japanese

Japanese program was introduced at Immanuel Primary School in 1989. All classes participate in weekly Japanese lessons, which focus on both language acquisition and cultural appreciation.

Through the study of Japanese the students:
  • communicate, interact and negotiate within and across languages and cultures,
  • understand their own and others’ languages, thus extending their range of literacy skills, including skills in English literacy,
  • understand themselves and others, and use diverse ways of knowing, being and doing,
  • further develop their cognitive skills through thinking critically and analytically, solving problems, and making connections in their learning.
Students develop understandings about:
  • the relationship between language and culture. As language (including visual language) and culture are viewed as intertwined, learning experiences are designed to integrate the two,
  • both the target language and culture and their own language and culture. Students examine stereotypes, challenge assumptions and develop a capacity to reflect on and deal with cultural differences.