Information and Communication Technology




To embrace technology to innovate learning, learning technologies will be used flexibly, purposefully and collaboratively to: 
  • access, extend and enhance learning, 
  • empower confident life-long learners, 
  • foster personalised and collaborative learning; and
  • build home/school, local and global connections. 
Watch the video to learn more about Mobile Learning at Immanuel Primary School
Mobile Learning 
At Immanuel Primary School we provide technology-rich learning environments where students have access to technology when and where they need it.  Choice of tools and rich multimedia options enriches personal inquiry and transforms the way that children think and learn giving them greater control over how, where and when they learn.  In the Junior Primary this includes a 1:1 school-owned iPad program starting in Year 1, transitioning to a 1:1 laptop program beginning in Year 4.  Our choice of technology considers portability, durability, mobility, safety, age-appropriate interface, access to learning resources and ability to create appropriate artefacts for learning and as assessment of learning. Campus-wide wifi, digital cameras, video cameras, green screen recording, microphones, webcams, AppleTVs, iPads, Interactive White Boards and laptop computers are all part of the learning toolkit available to our students.
Learning always starts with the student. Technology use is integrated into the curriculum ubiquitously to enhance learning when appropriate. A specialist Learning Technologies Coordinator works closely with teachers to plan and deliver learning activities to support and extend classroom and specialist learning. Students collaborate, create, connect, organise, and communicate with people and ideas. They access rich media resources. including online encyclopaedias, educational video libraries, multimedia animation tools, sound libraries and more as they become ethical digital citizens.  Our students collaborate using new and emerging technologies including video conferencing, virtual learning environments, websites, blogs, and wikis where each student’s voice is valued and ideas are explored and challenged. With a focus on becoming digital citizens, students learn to make age-appropriate choices in their technology use in global education environments. 

“When the child owns the device they own the learning within.
No one washes a rental car. “
Gary Stager - ISTE 2012 
“When we enlist technology in the service of exploratory learning for all, watch out! ...Its time to take the lid off learning”
Michael Fullan, Stratosphere , 2013
Our Mobile Learning Website is designed to support the IPS parent community to access Mobile Learning resources, learn more about our program and find answers to common questions.