Enrolment Policy

Who can enrol at Immanuel Primary School?

All children are eligible for enrolment. Parents are encouraged to make contact with the Registrar to discuss details and find further information about Open Days and conducted tours.When applications exceed the number of available places preference will be given to children using the following criteria;
  • At least one parent is an active member of the Lutheran Church
  • Brothers or sisters currently attend Immanuel Primary School
  • The child has turned 5 years of age before the 1st May
In co-educational schools, places are also offered where possible to maintain an approximately equal balance of boys and girls at each year level.

Change to the Enrolment Policy for Reception Entry

The South Australian State Government has changed its current ‘continuous enrolment’ policy to a new ‘single intake’ policy. This means that all children will commence Reception at the beginning of the school year, with no other intakes throughout the year. 
  • Children who turn 5 before May 1st may be permitted to commence primary school as a Reception student in that year.
  • Children are still not required to attend primary school until they are six years old, and are not admitted before they are 4 years 8 months of age.
  • State schools will have a single intake at the beginning of the year.
Nothing changes in terms of a single intake in January. The school has had this as a policy since opening in 1970.The significant change for Immanuel Primary School is that children commencing Reception can now be younger. (Our previous policy stated that children seeking entrance into the Reception level should be five years of age when they begin in January)
As from Reception 2015 it is policy that children seeking entrance into Reception at Immanuel Primary School who turn 5 before the 1st May can commence school in that year.
The school still holds to the proposition that for most children it is important for them to be ready for the rigours of Reception – and usually it is better for the child to be older rather than younger.
There are five dimensions of children’s readiness for school
  • Physical wellbeing and motor development
  • Social and emotional development
  • Cognition and general knowledge
  • Approaches to learning
  • Language development
All of the above would be taken into consideration before accepting a child for enrolment at Immanuel Primary School. Students beginning the Reception year will preferably have accessed twelve months at the Immanuel Early Learning Centre or a similar kindergarten program.

Enrolment Procedure


  • Attendance at Open Days is recommended. These are held in May and August but tours with the School Registrar can be booked at any time.
  • Preliminary Applications for enrolment are received at any time. A non-refundable fee of $60.00 is payable on application.
  • In the August - September, two years before Reception enrolment the Principal and other staff provide a pre-enrolment Information Evening. 
  • Attendance at the evening is a pre-requisite of continuing with the enrolment procedure.
  • An interview with a member of the Administration Leadership Team is arranged at the Information Evening.
  • Placement in the ELC is also discussed.
  • Parents of applicants are informed as to acceptance or non-acceptance for the ELC / Reception class by early October.
  • On acceptance of an enrolment offer a fee confirming enrolment is payable. During the October before commencing Reception an Orientation Evening for parents is held. Classes are announced and important information relevant to the start of the school year is shared.
  • In November students attend two orientation visits to their class.
  • Orientation visits for children at the ELC will also take place for those families / children who wil be accessing the ELC. These visits will be at a negotiated time prior to the child’s commencement at the ELC. Specific Medical, Student Information & Consent forms relating to commencement will need to be competed prior to a child commencing at the ELC. 


The School Council has a policy in relation to class sizes 
which the Principal, in cooperation with other staff, 
  • Reception, Years 1 and 2 have 3 classes in each year level with 27 students in each class
  • Years 3-6 have 3 classes in each year level with 28 students in each class

The enrolment process for children gaining entry in Years 1-6 each year at Immanuel Primary School is as follows. 

  • Each year at the beginning of Term 3 we ascertain from current families their intention to re-enrol. 
  •  From this information we know what vacancies 
  •  there are for the following year.
  •  A vacancy must occur for an enrolment offer to be given
  • Offers are made using the following criteria 
  1. sibling priority
  2. affiliation to the Lutheran Church
  3. date of the application 
  4. balance between boys and girls 
  • Offers are made from October – January or as vacancies occur.
  • All year levels have waiting lists and those families on the list are contacted yearly to determine the current situation and enrolment preference. 
  • As part of keeping the enrolment application current for a child who is on the waiting list we request that the most recent copies of school reports are forwarded as soon as possible.


It is not uncommon to receive enrolment applications with a specific year level of entry requested, ie Year 6 entry in 2017. 

The enrolment process for children looking to gain entry at a specific year level at Immanuel Primary School is as follows. 

  • Each year at the beining of Term 3 we ascertain from current families their intention to re-enrol.  From this information we know what vacancies there are for the following year.
  • A vacancy must occur for an enrolemnt offer to be given.
  • Offers are made using the following criteria
  1. sibling priority
  2. affiliation to the Lutheran Church
  3. date of the application
  4. balance between boys an girls
  • Offers are made from October – January as vacancies occur. Please note that the date of application for an enrolment request for a specific year level is not the only determining factor when considering enrolment offers. 

As part of keeping the enrolment application current we request that the most recent copies of school reports are forwarded as soon as possible.


Early Enrolment of a Gifted Child at Immanuel Primary School 

Immanuel Primary School recognises that if gifted children’s exceptional needs are to be met, early identification and support are essential.
Early enrolment in school can provide challenges and extension to meet a gifted child’s unique intellectual, social and emotional needs. It is important to recognise that early enrolment is just one of the possible 
strategies for meeting the needs of young gifted students.
The process for early enrolment is as follows. Initial enquiries can be directed to the Enrolments Registrar and may be then forwarded to the Learning Support Coordinator for clarification. 

 1. Parents initially contact the school for early  enrolment of a gifted child. The three documents listed below are to be made available so that they can be completed by the relevant personnel, and returned to the school.

  • Parents are requested to provide information on the child’s development, characteristics and traits on the Parent Nomination form.
  • Directors / Managers / Teachers in childcare andpre-school settings are requested to compete the Professional Nomination Form. 
  • Psychologists are requested to provide a standardised assessment of cognitive/intellectual development on the proforma provided.

2. Direct contact with the child’s preschool andor childcare centre may be needed, if further observation is required.

3. When all forms have been completed, a meeting will be held between the Principal, Assistant Principal and nominating parents.

4. A decision will be made after all relevant information has been considered.

5. Initial enrolment will be for a monitored transition period of at least six weeks, with a review date to be organised between the parents and the school in order to discuss the child’s progress and whether continuing attendance at school is appropriate.

Children with Special Needs

Immanuel Primary School caters for the needs of a wide range of students. We are blessed with children who constantly seek to fulfil their potential by following individual pathways.
Before going through the enrolment process it is essential that families of students with specials needs explore all educational options available. 
It is our recommendation that an appointment is made with the Learning Support Coordinator and Principal to determine whether the school is able to meet any specific needs of the child. Families are then able to make an informed decision about the selection of school and begin the process of enrolment for students with special needs.
It is important that families provide copies of all relevant reports regarding social, educational, emotional or physical well-being of their child and that failure to do so may result in the schools inability to accomodate the child’s needs and may affect the child’s enrolment.